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Imagine Cup global competition

Microsoft holds an annual global competition called “Imagine Cup.”  http://www.imaginecup.com


Using the challenge-based learning model, students 16 and older form teams to create different programs, such as apps and games that have positive social/economic/environmental, etc. impact.  They are urged to work with mentors – teachers, etc. that can help them with their projects.


Each year, a different country hosts a big event where students chosen as finalists from all over the world come (paid for by Microsoft) and compete for the grand prize in several different categories. Winners can then apply for grants to come to the U.S. and work with people on projects that they are interested in.  In 2013, Russia was the host country, and 87 teams of students from 69 countries went to the finals in St. Petersburg. 


In 2014, the country will be the U.S. and the city is Seattle.  The 2014 program will start up again in September. 


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