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March 24, 2010 – Cambridge, Mass., and Rome, Italy – The Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University today announced the launch of a new online, open access curriculum, “Copyright for Librarians” (http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/copyrightforlibrarians/), developed in conjunction with eIFL.net. “Copyright for Librarians” aims to inform librarians about copyright law in general, as well as the aspects of copyright law that most affect libraries, especially those in developing and transition countries.

“Copyright law directly affects library services providing access to learning resources, scientific and research information,” said Rima Kupryte, Director eIFL.net. “Everyday librarians are managing information and responding to requests from students, academics, and members of the public. They are well placed to provide practical advice on topical copyright-related issues. This curriculum, which includes modules on the scope of copyright law, exceptions and limitations and managing rights, provides librarians from around the world with an opportunity to understand this important area of law.”

“Librarians and their professional organisations play key roles in shaping national and international copyright policy and in protecting and promoting access to knowledge,” said William Fisher, faculty director of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society, “eIFL.net has created a crucial network of librarians in developing and transition countries. It is essential that the members of that network have the fullest possible understanding, not just of the current copyright laws, but also of the ways in which those laws could and should be interpreted and modified in the future. We hope that this curriculum will help to advance that understanding.”

“Maximising access to educational and learning materials is critical for development in Africa,” said Benson Njobvu, University of Zambia. “Teaching students about legal information issues enhances the role of the librarian, preparing the next generation for a professional career in the digital age. We aim to produce librarians who will become well-informed advocates for access to knowledge. “Copyright for Librarians” is a valuable new resource that will help us to achieve our goal.”

The course materials of “Copyright for Librarians” — nine modules organised into five different levels — can be used as the basis for a self-taught course, a traditional classroom-based course, or as a distance-learning course. For more information and access to the course materials, visit: http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/copyrightforlibrarians/

eIFL.net is grateful to the Ford Foundation for their support of the development of “Copyright for Librarians.”

Notes for Editors

eIFL.net is an independent non-profit organization with a global network spanning 46 developing ad transition countries and thousands of libraries. eIFL.net brings access to knowledge to library users in developing and transition countries by building capacity, supporting advocacy and helping to introduce new services for the user, as well as affordable access to e-resources.

About the Berkman Center for Internet & Society
The Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University is a research program founded to explore cyberspace, share in its study, and help pioneer its development. Founded in 1997, through a generous gift from Jack N. and Lillian R. Berkman, the Center is home to an ever-growing community of faculty, fellows, staff, and affiliates working on projects that span the broad range of intersections between cyberspace, technology, and society. More information can be found at http://cyber.law.harvard.edu.

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Шановні колеги,

15-16 лютого 2010 року PH International та програма “Громадські зв’язки” організовують семінар “Інтелектуальна власність та авторське право”. Ця тема актуальна і цікава великій кількості фахівців, які фізично не зможуть приїхати на семінар. Під час проходження семінару 15-16 лютого 2010 року Ресурсний центр ГУРТ здійснюватиме он-лайн трансляцію заходу на сторінці  http://gurt.org.ua/communityconnections/  Під час проведення заходу ви можете переглядати доповіді спікерів натискаючи на відповідну тему у програмі. По завершенню семінару на сторінці http://gurt.org.ua/communityconnections/будуть доступні відео записи презентацій, фото, короткий підсумок заходу, а також корисні матеріали, що стосуються теми. Прохання поділитись цією інформацією з колегами у вашій мережі. До вашої уваги також електронний журнал Бюро інформаційних програм Держдепартаменту США : ” У фокусі: права інтелектуальної власності”

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