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December 25th: Engish Speaking Club Celebrates Christmas

The Center was decorated in red and green.  Tamara Gavriluk, the English language lecturer, has presented a slide-show about  traditions of Christmas celebrating in the USA. Club members have learnt a large number of different interesting things like traditional colours of Christmas, traditional dishes and drinks, popular characters of Christmas and songs which Americans like to sing.

This day the center was visited by two American guests Aaron and Avital, Peace Corps volunteers. They told how they usually celebrated Christmas in America and asked questions the club-members. They were interested in the topics we had already discussed and we would like to discuss in future.

A real surprise for everybody was Santa Claus who visited our Center. It was Roland Clemenceau who congratulated everybody and gave gifts! There were some musical performances: Julia Mischenko, Julia Klimenko and Alice Piven’ sang a song “Jingle bells”. A international band (Natalie, Alexander, Solo, Mohamed) played and sang wonderful Christmas songs.
After performance we communicated and ate a very delicious cake.




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